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Donate Now!

Support the work of Adaptive Activities through a donation. The links belwo take you to 100% of your donation is tax deductible and your e-mail receipt from paypal serves as tax receipt. All donations go towards the general Adaptive Activities fund to support all programs and activities of our organization. If you would like to direct your funds for a specific activity, please contact Adaptive Activities Director Richard Huffman via e-mail or phone at (425) 422-4339. Paypal charges a small fee per transaction.


$500 covers a bowling trip for 50 people, including shoes, balls, pop and prizes!


$100 helps ensure that 3 people can participate in a day's worth of programs at our Bellevue location without worry of a financial burden.


$35 provides all of the cooking supplies to make gooey brownies during our cooking program.

Other Amount

Adaptive Activities benefits from all donations to support our work.

Monthly Donations

Consider a monthly $20 donation to help support the ongoing works of Adaptive Activities. You can stop your donations at anytime through paypal.