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Web Site Privacy Policy

The Adaptive Activities web site does not collect user data except where it is explicitly offered by the visitor, such as in our donation and newsletter sign-up sections. The Adaptive Activities website maintains a link to a storefront on where merchandise is sold. That website maintains it's own privacy policies and collects some user data as necessary to facilitate customer purchases. Please consult the privacy policy of Cafepress for further information. The Adaptive Activities web site collected on-line donations and non-merchandiese sales through links with Adaptive Activities does not share the information obtained through this method, but visitors are encouraged to consult Paypal's privacy policy.

Adaptive Activities does not utilize "cookies" or other tracking tools to specifically or generally follow the viewing choices of specific individuals. Adaptive Activities does use Google Analytics logging software to determine larger viewing trends; please consult with the Google Analytics site to determine Google privacy policies. Questions or comments about this web site's privacy policy can be directed to Richard Huffman through the contact us page.